1.  A Sense of Belonging

Knowing your purpose brings a sense of intimacy with life. Knowing your purpose means finding your unique place within the meshwork of life. Only when we recognize who we are at a soul level, can we truly inhabit our place, our niche, and our deepest calling. Ex: the artisan who feels his workshop is his sacred chamber, or the teacher who feels the classroom to be her natural habitat.

2.  A Shape to Your Life

Purpose is like a container that you pour your life into. Pour a cake mix into a Bundt pan, and you'll get a Bundt-shaped cake. Pour your life into your purpose, and you get a purpose-shaped life.  Pour a cake mix into a pan with no depth, and you get a formless mess. Pour your life into no particular thing, and you get an underdeveloped life. Purpose brings definition, depth, structure, shape, form, and a blueprint to your existence.

3.  Becoming a Force of Nature

The playwright George Bernard Shaw wrote, "This is the true joy in life...being a force of Nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances." It's not just the shape of your life that is of benefit to others, it's also the dimensions/scope of your life. Size matters when it comes to service! Make a Bundt cake for 1, and you'll enjoy your dessert. Make it for 8 people, and you've got a party. Make it for 500 people, and you've got a purpose to serve others.