Discover your purpose?

Purpose guides are devoted to uncovering your life purpose.  For more information about the process, please review the rest of this site.  All these Certified Purpose Guides™ have undergone PGI's rigorous training program.  For more information about the process click here.




Purpose Guide Trainer | Founder of PGI

People I serve: Aspiring midwives of cultural transformation, longing to burst through the shell of their cocoons to take flight.

Other certifications: M.A. Counseling Psychology, Licensed Psychotherapist

Founder: Purpose Guides Institute, Integral Awakening Center, and Green Sangha




Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: I help people activate the power of their hearts and initiate them into the discovery and embodiment of their full potential and purpose.

Other certifications: Ordained Interfaith Minister, certified HeartMath Mentor and Coach, certified in Healing the Light Body, certified in Hurqalya Healing, certified in Biofield Tuning and certified Kouk Sun Do yoga instructor.

Contact: | 508-847-8448



Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: I help professionals become purpose-driven leaders and create legendary careers that change the world.

Other certifications: MBA - Leadership, Columbia Business School, Program Leader, Landmark, Author - Planet on Purpose (Hay House / Balboa Press, 2016), Co-author, Purpose Rising

Contact: |


Brody hartman

Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve:  From business leaders to passionate seekers, I guide people back to their heart to reveal what brings them most alive in service of evolving humanity.

Other Certifications: Angeles Arrien Four-Fold Way, Co-founder Correm Center

Contact: |

Holly Woods.jpg

Holly Woods, PhD

Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: I help creators, innovators and entrepreneurs align their vision, products and systems with what really matters so they can use their business as a vehicle to impact the world.

Other certifications: PhD in Human & Organizational Development, Integral Master Coach™, Professional Mediator and Facilitator, CoreIndividuation™ Energy Practitioner. 

Contact:   415-858-4308



Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve: Spiritual and creative people on a journey to fullness of expression, deep wisdom, wholeness and belonging.




Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: Wanderers, those who feel lost and who seek a guide and support on their journey,  those who are ready to tap into their innate wisdom and who are ready to connect with their true nature. 

Other certifications: M.A. Transpersonal Psychology, emphasis in Ecopsychology, Naropa University; RYT 200;  Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Himalayan Institute                                                           


tea tree, Renée copy.jpg

Renee Soule, PhD

Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve:  Purpose zips together the “divine” and manifest existence into dynamic emergent alignment. It’s a work in progress! I inspire and guide individuals, couples, and organizations devoted to this adventure.

Other certifications: MA Wilderness Psychology, SSU; PhD, Meridian University; Vision Quest Guide, School of Lost Borders, Timeless Wisdom Training, Academy of Inner Science; NVC Teacher, San Quentin Prison.



Robin Athey

Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: I guide “next generation” leaders who want to co-create a new era on our planet. I help you to get clear about your unique purpose. To embody it. And to bring it to life.

Other certifications: MA Columbia University, Ontological Coaching, Leadership Embodiment, NLP, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing, NARM, Core Transformation, Clean Language, Shadow Work, Immunity to Change, The Leadership Circle




Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve:  I work with individuals and groups across many walks of life—from the curious seeker, solo practitioner, business, community and organizational leader, to parents, artists/creatives and more.

Other Certifications: PhD in Imaginal Psychology, MA in Transpersonal Psychology, Angeles Arrien Four-Fold Way, Psychosynthesis, Postpartum International Support Training, Lactation Educator, Co-founder of Correm Center

Contact: |



Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve: Those looking to live to their fullest potential, breaking through limiting beliefs and behaviours, integrating all parts of mind, body and soul.

Other Certifications: Universal Yoga 200 hours, VYASA Singapore 200 hours, Philosophy of Natural Nutrition Cert, Reiki Level 2.  

Contact: |



Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: those on a transformational journey ready to live expansive lives of purpose, wholeness and meaning 

Other certifications: Certified Focusing Trainer


terry patten.jpg


Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: Those who are called to something deeper, who have looked, and not yet found it.

Other Certifications: M.A., Culture and Spirituality, "Singing Over the Bones" intensives with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés.




Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: are at one of life's thresholds -- seeking what's next and asking big questions -- and are ready to commit more fully to life to make a meaningful impact 

Other certifications: J.D., MBSR-T (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens), and ACE Guide (Certified Agent of Conscious Evolution) 

Contact:  708-557-1176,,


Susan Mashkes

Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve: Men and women in transition, who feel called to a life of passion and service

Other Certifications: Post Graduate Diploma, Psychosynthesis Trust Member, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy OneSpirit Interfaith Seminary

Website:  [Not Yet Available - please use phone number instead]

Phone:  (US) 1-312-213-2955.  (UK) 44-7780-964-942

Tim Corcoran.jpg

Tim Corcoran

Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve: Those who hear the call from wild nature to discover their purpose, with a burning desire to live their vision and a willingness to embrace their true self in service of the Great Turning.

Other Certifications: Vision Quest Guide, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Men’s Rites of Passage Guide, Men’s Group Leader, Co-founder Twin Eagles Wilderness School


Traci Bratton.jpg

Traci Bratton

Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve: Earth Guardians and warriors, light workers, change agents and anyone ready to explore the depths of their most wild and passionate life of service.

Other Certifications: Yoga 200 hr teacher, Psychic development and mediumship levels 1-3, Reiki level 1 & 2.  B.S. Biological sciences

Contact: |


Zohara Rotem (Australia)

Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve: People who are pulled to find the “Genius” within; the gift they were born with to give to the world; people who care for the future of the planet- parents, teachers, educators and others.

Other Certifications: B Mus, Dip Ed, Teacher Trainer in Talent Education, Music Therapy, Holistic Counseling, Process-Oriented Psychology: Facilitation & Leadership, Shamanic Studies, Village Music Circles Facilitator.

fb rotem.zohara OR zohara.souloist


Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor


Elsie Chang

Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve: Corporate executives and entrepreneurs, in the discovery and implementation of their highest purpose and in service to transforming the world.

Other certifications: Executive and Leadership Coach, Fortune 500 companies, MBA, True Purpose Institute certified Coach, Certified Ontological Coach; Advanced Mindfulness facilitation; Voice Dialogue facilitator.

Founder: Global Perspectives Coaching Contact: