Engage in The Revolutionary Purpose discovery Process That Gives You Direct Access To Your Unique Calling



You feel:

  • A hunger to discover and embody your life's purpose.
  • A thirst to experience a fulfilling career that will catalyze human beings to evolve.


YOU ARE looking for:

  • A way to make a difference, instead of just getting by, to live from passion instead of just paying the bills.
  • A community that is bright, well educated, emotionally mature, intellectually curious, and on fire with the possibilities of human potential.
  • An uncompromising self-discovery program taught by an industry expert in the field of Purpose Guiding.





Your career is humming along, while in the pit of your stomach lays a secret knot where dread prevails: "Is this as good it gets in terms of serving my community, leaving a mark, evolving society and leaving a viable planet for future generations?"

You don't want to work 40+ years and not experience the satisfaction of pouring yourself into a career that can dramatically change lives and evolve society. You desire a career path that is rewarding, spiritually fulfilling, and evolutionarily significant.

You want to honor your desire to serve life. You long to heed the voice within that encourages you to take up work of vital importance. You want to pay tribute to grand plans, living from passion and making a real difference.

Imagine a life where you are sharing your greatest gifts, being part of a generation of purpose-driven change agents, artists and leaders, and meaningfully moving humanity forward.

Imagine living your purpose every day and being richly rewarded for the privilege. Imagine being part of a world-wide peer group, working together to create a more purposeful, just, sustainable, and peaceful human presence on earth.



This Course Is Designed To Give You Access To Exactly This - A Life Of Meaning, Wonder, And Soul-Infused Adventure.


1.  A Sense of Belonging

Knowing your purpose brings a sense of intimacy with life. Knowing your purpose means finding your unique place within the meshwork of life. Only when we recognize who we are at a soul level, can we truly inhabit our place, our niche, and our deepest calling. Ex: the artisan who feels his workshop is his sacred chamber, or the teacher who feels the classroom to be her natural habitat.

2.  A Shape to Your Life

Purpose is like a container that you pour your life into. Pour a cake mix into a Bundt pan, and you'll get a Bundt-shaped cake. Pour your life into your purpose, and you get a purpose-shaped life.  Pour a cake mix into a pan with no depth, and you get a formless mess. Pour your life into no particular thing, and you get an underdeveloped life. Purpose brings definition, depth, structure, shape, form, and a blueprint to your existence.

3.  Becoming a Force of Nature

The playwright George Bernard Shaw wrote, "This is the true joy in life...being a force of Nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances." It's not just the shape of your life that is of benefit to others, it's also the dimensions/scope of your life. Size matters when it comes to service! Make a Bundt cake for 1, and you'll enjoy your dessert. Make it for 8 people, and you've got a party. Make it for 500 people, and you've got a purpose to serve others.


Dear Friend,

I’m honored that you are considering joining me for the Discover Your Purpose program. Creating this course has been a true pleasure for me, and I am excited to get to be with a cohort of passionate people from all over the world who feel inspired to live a life of purpose.

For over 20 years, I’ve been practicing as a psychotherapist, meditation teacher, and purpose guide, and I have come to the conclusion that the big missing piece in meditation and therapy is the understanding of purpose.

Unlike therapy which helps us heal and develop at the level of personality, and unlike meditation which is about resting as awakened awareness, purpose is about discovering and embodying what you are here to do in this lifetime.  

Meditation asks, “Who am I?”

Therapy asks, “How do I heal and become happier?”

Purpose work addresses the question, “Where do I belong in the ecology of life?”  

I can tell you that guiding people to discover their purpose is amongst the most satisfying experiences of my professional life. But, what is even more important is that purpose guiding breaks the spell of our default purposes of safety, security, comfort and outward success, and orients us towards our true purpose, which is to embody our unique calling within.  

When we all have the opportunity to live our calling, we can support our collective true purpose: to become co-creators of our species’ evolution. We may, thus, give birth to more beauty, truth and goodness into the world.

If what I’m saying resonates with you, don’t push it away. You can register now for a free consultation with me to discuss how purpose guiding can not only contribute to your own happiness, but also to a positive future for all life.

With Love,









  • Increases racial tolerance (Harvard/Cornell/Carleton, 2014)
  • Increases appetite for education (Stanford, 2015)
  • Increases incidence of philanthropy and volunteering by 50% (Gallup/Healthways, 2013)


  • 92% of customers will choose a product that has a higher purpose when price and quality are equal (Nielsen, 2014)
  • 55% of customers will pay more for a product that has a higher purpose, an increase of 10% since 2011 (Nielsen, 2014)
  • Driving corporate strategy: In 2014, "purpose", "mission" and "change the world" were mentioned 3,243 times on earnings calls, investor meetings and industry conferences, a 40% increase over 2009 (Factiva, 2015)
  • Driving consumer behavior: 16% of US adults and 50% of EU adults make purchases with purpose (LOHAS, 2015)
  • Driving business in the US: Social enterprise employs 10 million people, with revenues of $500 billion; about 3.5 percent of total US GDP (Impact Investor, 2012)
  • Driving hiring: 70% of Millennials want purpose at work (Harvard Business Review, 2014)
  • Driving conscious capitalism: 350+ professors in social entrepreneurship from 35+ countries, with 30+ national and international competitions, 800 different articles and 200 cases used in social entrepreneurship courses (Wingate University, 2008)
  • Driving media: 800% more news articles about social enterprises between 2001 and 2011 (Nexis, 2012)

What Purpose Gives The World



You want to be of service to the world. With so many causes, how do you choose? Knowing your purpose brings clarity to what your task is in this lifetime. Knowing your purpose brings lucidity to the gifts you offer to the world. What would the world have been deprived of if Albert Einstein or Mother Teresa had different jobs?” Life is not served when you take up a vocation that is not yours.


Humans have invented wondrous things: the symphony, flying machines, the declaration of independence, and the heart transplant. We've also created mass extinction, pollution, pervasive social injustice, and the atom bomb. Clearly, some of us are working towards birthing more goodness, truth, and beauty, while others are struggling to find their true calling. We can (and must) learn to move away from our excessive attention to our default purposes (of safety, security, and consumerism) and towards our true life-purpose.


Right now is an "evolve or perish" moment on the planet. If human beings survive all of the upcoming social and ecological disasters, it will be because we evolved as a species. Our great-grandchildren will have become "post-human" relative to the impulses now holding sway over humanity.  While the humans of the 2100's might be genetically identical to us, they will also be quite different. Imagine 7.4 billion people becoming homo evolution ("evolving man").

I feel alive and willing to be an active participant in this outrageous unfolding of life. Thank you for your commitment to life, adulthood and evolution. I so appreciate your gifts and skills as you act as a midwife for your students soul-level purpose. This journey with you and the group has helped keep my light shining bright.
— Rani Goel, designer & artist
This course was definitely worth the time and money. Jonathan is a knowledgeable guide and is genuinely experienced in helping people find their true purpose. The experience in the group continues to inform my spiritual practice, and led me to friendships that I still have today. Furthermore, it helped me discover that I wanted to seek further training as a life coach. Jonathan takes what can be a very etherial subject and makes it concrete!
— John Gluck, project manager/coach
I’m so grateful I found Jonathan Gustin to mentor me. He was 100% dedicated to serving as a catalyst for my emotional, physical and spiritual growth. He inspired me, motivated me, pushed me and ultimately helped lead me to some profound shifts that have changed my life for the better. He created a unique space that allowed me to drop out of the rat race for a few hours and return to my inner stillness where I learned how powerful my intention can be when I commit wholeheartedly to a goal. It’s been an exciting discovery – and one I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Jonathan, for your service!
— Alex Doniach
Since working with Jonathan, I feel like I have a whole new lens with which to see the world and my own potential. The ability to change my life and create the world of my dreams no longer feels like a foggy notion, but reality. With his teachings, I’ve been able to recognize and break down the patterns that have prevented me from being my true self. My life has truly changed for the best working with Jonathan.
— Kim B. Mahoney
Jonathan’s Soul Quest and Purpose Guiding process was an absolutely essential and ground-breaking tool for me in finding my Life Purpose! I began by taking the Soul Quest course and followed up with continuing my practice by participating in his weekly Integral Awakening Group for a year, and then followed that with another Soul Quest. This process opened me up to the deeper layers of myself, allowing me access to my Soul’s wise voice and opened me to my intuition more fully on a day to day basis. I follow my nose and listen more to my heart than my head these days. Bottom line: It works! I have discovered and am continuing to discover deeper and deeper layers of this mystery, thanks to Jonathan’s wise guidance and thoughtful, brilliant courses.
— Clare Cleveland, Integral Health Facilitator, Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist
Jonathan is the man! Excellent, heartfelt and inspiring in every role he plays. His purpose discovery work is amazing and a gift I wish for every human. Our work together has been hugely catalytic in helping me integrate my spiritual, philosophical, romantic and work lives. He is indeed a “whole person midwife”. Please, give yourself the gift of working with him.
— Brandon Peele, Author, Planet On Purpose
Before working with Jonathan, I was unhappy as a lawyer and in my life. I was searching for something more meaningful and fulfilling. Jonathan helped me clarify what was really important to me and what I wanted to give to the world. With Jonathan’s support, I left my job as a lawyer and spent time wandering. I’m now happy to have started my own business doing life and career coaching. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated Jonathan’s wisdom and knowledge - and his deep caring for his students and the world.
— Heather Mills, Life and Career Coach, age 35
I began working with Jonathan at a time of great transition in my life and I credit the group work, and my individual sessions with Jonathan, for allowing me to sink into my new role as a mother in a more present, soulful, and meaningful way. All the parenting books in the world could not match this rich mind-body-soul experience that I received from Jonathan’s group. And, the biggest gift I received was the deeply felt knowledge that I was already living my purpose at this stage in my life. I am forever grateful.
— Chelsea Kubischta, age 38, stay at home mom

The Twelve Core Modules We'll cover


Module One: Care of the Soul

To live a purpose-driven life, creating a purpose-friendly environment is essential. In this opening session, we will explore ways to prepare for crossing the threshold between the life you live now, and the life that is calling you.  


You’ll learn . . .

  • How to cultivate a “Miracle Morning” ritual that prepares you for living a life that harmonizes with your Soul.

  • How to clear space in your life, so that something utterly new, mysterious and generative may appear.

  • How to recognize your own soul right now and begin to let it animate your being.

  • What it means to practice “soul-embodiment” right now and how this differs from ongoing preparation for purpose awakening.   

  • How to construct a “purpose altar” in your home to become an “axis mundi” for your purpose journey.  

  • How to identify the most frequent traps and detours that occur on the road to a purpose-driven life.



To live a purpose-driven life, understanding the layout of the journey is essential. In this session, we will lay out a road map for you to see where you are headed.


You’ll learn . . .

  • The 8 facets of your Soul’s Purpose: Vision, Values, Powers, Essence, Giveaway, Task, Message and Delivery System.

  • The 3 worlds of consciousness, which correspond to the triple purpose of life: to “Wake Up, Grow Up, and Show Up.”

  • Why we get so disturbed by life’s vicissitudes, and how to transform everyday disappointments into spiritual turnarounds.


MODULE THREE: Default Purpose

The purpose that moves your life forward, when you are not living from soul, is your default purpose: a combination of bequeathed values from your upbringing and the defensive mechanisms we learned during childhood. A default purpose leads you away from your authentic purpose, whereas the Soul's purpose draws you forward into living your destiny. As long as your strongest driving desire comes from a default purpose, your ability to fulfill your destiny is thwarted.


You’ll learn . . .

  • To distinguish between the two types of Purpose which propel you: Default vs. True, Defensive vs. Evolutionary, Inherited vs. Revealed, Socially Conditioned vs. Soul Conditioned, Unconscious vs. Intentional, Scarcity Based vs. Love Based, etc.

  • How to identify your specific default purpose that veils your True Purpose.

  • How to practice moment-to-moment attention in order to recognize  the interactions, self-talk and behaviors that are rooted in your default purpose.

  • How to practice Purpose-Inquiry effectively: "What would Soul do?"


MODULE FOUR: Discern Your Purpose

When seeking your purpose, there are two approaches: direct vs. indirect, or inductive vs. deductive. The indirect path to purpose engages your mind's intelligence to detect or infer what your true purpose is. In Module Four you will employ multiple deductive (indirect) methods for discerning your purpose.


You’ll learn . . .

  • To discover “soulprint hints” from your history.

  • How your emotions, especially your passions, devotions and fervors, provide clues to your destiny.

  • To find the hidden evidence pointing towards your deepest purpose in your fantasies, aspirations, daydreams and the ways you wish to be remembered.

  • To look for soul clues in your readings, movies, hobbies and even the heroes you’ve been choosing.


MODULE FIVE: Encountering Resistance

There are parts of yourself that have resistance to living your deepest purpose, including the Critic, Skeptic, Controller, Rebel, Achiever, Protector, and Image Consultant. When one of these parts exhibits resistance during your attempts to embrace your soul’s purpose, you may experience tension, anxiety, paralysis, fear, or find yourself in a state of constant distraction.


You’ll learn . . .

  • That resistance to your Soul’s deepest purpose is natural.

  • Both the real and imagined risks of living your true purpose from the perspective of the voices of resistance.  

  • How to uncover the authentic concerns of these parts of yourself.

  • How to work with your voices of resistance so that you can live your life’s destiny.


MODULE SIX: Evolutionary Spirituality

Evolutionary Spirituality is the journey of co-creating the future through embodying your Soul's unique purpose. You have been creating from the past and present, but not from the future. Let’s see what the wisdom of the future, specifically 10 years from now, has to share with you.


You’ll learn . . .

  • How the purpose of evolution and the purpose of soul are identical: to midwife more goodness, truth and beauty.

  • How Soul is the place where the future is arising out of the present.

  • How life is an evolving process and as such, our soul-work is part of that never ending development.

  • How relinquishing attachment to the ego's agenda is key in both - the spirituality of being and the spirituality of becoming.  

  • A guided meditation that takes you to the place where the present meets the future.


MODULE SEVEN: SoulQuest Preparation

The SoulQuest is a daylong solitary ceremony in nature, where you will fast and pray for a Vision of your purpose. You might ask, “Why would I want to leave the comfort and security of my home to go into wild nature to explore my soul’s purpose?”  Humans have always gone to nature to find their calling: the Buddha awakened under a tree; Jesus went to the desert; Mohammad was fasting and praying in a cave when the Koran came to him; and Moses went to the top of a mountain to bring a vision for his people.  


You’ll learn . . .

  • An ancient nature-based ceremony that has been practiced throughout the ages.

  • How to allow wild nature to mirror your wild soul to you, revealing undiscovered layers of depth in your being.

  • The 3 universal elements of the SoulQuest, including: immersion in nature, fasting from food and company, and transformational practices.

  • How to prepare for SoulQuest, what to bring, how to stay safe.

  • How to become an open vessel capable of being filled with your Soul’s sacred calling.


MODULE EIGHt: Receiving Soul

Aristotle coined the term “entelechy” to describe the full actualization of a life form.  He said that the entelechy of an acorn is an oak tree. It is the entelechy of the acorn that guides its development. This theory is sometimes called the “acorn theory of soul”. It proposes that you already possess the full potential and potency of your Soul, and that the task is to fully actualize your Soul..


You’ll learn . . .

  • How the dictum, “You can be anything you want to be” is dead wrong.

  • How your calling is inborn, and that your mission is to obey the imperatives of your Soul.

  • How to use the Entelechy Process for listening to the “oak tree of yourself.”

  • To use the “Ocean Cave Meditation” to awaken hidden dimensions of your Soul.


MODULE NINE: High-Definition Purpose (the Giveaway)

Your objective is to embody your soul's gifts, so you can freely share them with the world. Native peoples named this gift the Giveaway.  The Giveaway is a contribution that adds to the development of another person, and is sometimes referred to as your unique transformational process. Performing your Giveaway is both a deeply fulfilling and at the same time an impassioned response to the world's needs. The theologian Frederick Buechner put this eloquently: "...our calling is where our deepest gladness and the world's hunger meet."


You’ll learn . . .

  • What your High-Definition giveaway is, specifically:

  • Who are the people for whom my Giveaway is meant?

  • What circumstances are my people in when they come to me?

  • When is the optimum time to meet my people and perform my Giveaway?

  • Where will my Giveaway happen?

  • Why does performing my Giveaway have personal and evolutionary significance?

  • How do I perform the Giveaway? What are the progressive steps of the ladder of my Giveaway?


MODULE TEN: Acting Purposefully

The path is made by walking it. So far we’ve approached purpose as something that we discover or uncover.  Yet there is another dimension to purpose which is summed up by the proverb, the path is made by walking it. What undermines a life on purpose? “...the time you kill, the knowledge you neglect to learn, the connections you fail to build, the health you sacrifice along the path, the people around you who don't support and love your efforts.” (James Altucher)


You’ll learn . . .

  • A powerful method for making purposeful choices.

  • A practice for rooting out what is not purposeful for your evolution.

  • A technique for living purposefully immediately.

  • The wisdom of authentic failures.


MODULE ELEVEN: SoulQuest Incorporation

Upon completing your daylong ceremony on the land, the incorporation phase of the SoulQuest welcomes you back into your soul-infused community of fellow questers and into your new life. The return from a SoulQuest is often a time of great energy and delight, honoring the wholeness that you have found. You will have the privilege of sharing your story in council while the guides honor and mirror back the insights and gifts you have recovered from your journey.


You’ll learn . . .

  • How to re-enter your former life, bringing your unique gifts to your people.

  • How to keep the flame of your Vision alive in the midst of an often indifferent world.

  • Practices for protecting your Vision from fading into a memory.

  • Practices for deepening and embodying your purpose in your relationships, work and ordinary life.



Discovering your purpose is a momentous event. As Mark Twain noted, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  The challenge before you is to live a life in accordance with the deepest truths you have been graced to know at the core of your being. As the poet David Whyte wrote, “Hold to your own truth at the center of the image you were born with.” Module twelve is the point where you switch your focus from discovering your purpose to living your purpose with wild abandon as a demonstration of love and service to Life.


You’ll learn . . .

  • How to honor the Mystery with a propitiatory offering to initiate you into the embodiment process.

  • How to perform the assessment: discerning whether you have received sufficient information about your life purpose.

  • To perform the Immersion Walk: absorbing what has been revealed to you during your soul-encounters.

  • To construct a purpose statement that accurately distills the essence of your purpose.


What makes our program so powerful is the comprehensive framework we use. Below you'll find four key elements that provide the backbone of effective purpose guiding (many of them seldom found in other guiding programs).

What is missing in some purpose guiding programs is ample context and depth. What you'll receive at PGI is truly significant: a comprehensive framework that is launching the next evolution in purpose guiding.       

Warning: you may be unfamiliar with some of the terms you are about to encounter.  That's O.K. Read on and let whole new worlds open up for you.



Through the Integral framework (especially the 3-worlds map), purpose guides find a rich tradition to rely on for guidance.


Our guiding is informed by the evolutionary understanding that the purpose of evolution and the purpose of soul are identical: to midwife more goodness, truth and beauty.


Through Enlightened awareness, we come to know all aspects of ourselves (ego/Soul/Spirit) as expressions of Undivided awareness.


At PGI, our mission is to offer one of the most comprehensive purpose guiding self-discovery courses anywhere. We do this through distilling and utilizing ALL the cutting edge modalities available today.


Amongst the many systems you will be exposed to during the course is our very own Purpose Octagon Process.  Here are the 8 facets of your purpose rendered in two ways:




Your life purpose has eight facets: Vision, Values, Powers, Essence, Giveaway, Task, Message, and Delivery System.

Click here for definitions of the eight facets


Jonathan is a purpose guide, psychotherapist, meditation teacher, and integral mentor in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years. Jonathan is the founder and lead teacher of the Purpose Guides Institute, Integral Awakening Center and Green Sangha.  He also serves as adjunct faculty at John F. Kennedy University in the Consciousness and Tranformation Studies program.

Jonathan has taught at the California Institute Of Integral Studies, Green Gulch Zen Center, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Open Circle, Bay Area Integral, The Nondual Wisdom & Mental Health Conference, iEvolve, San Quentin State Penitentiary, Marina Counseling Center, and iRest Institute.

Jonathan has co-taught with human potential pioneer George Leonard, Buddhist activist Joanna Macy and depth psychologist Bill Plotkin.  Jonathan taught at Kaiser Permanente including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Mind-Body Medicine, Overcoming Depression, Couples Communication and Integral Life Practice. 


Here’s What Some of Today’s Leading Luminaries Have to Say About Jonathan


Jonathan is wonderfully skilled in the art of guiding people to discover and embody their unique life purpose. There are few things I appreciate more than good teaching, and so I enthusiastically recommend Jonathan’s work with people. Jonathan is a person of great integrity, from whom I am ever learning.
— Joanna Macy, author, World As Self, World As Lover, Spiritual Ecology, Active Hope and A Year With Rilke
Jonathan Gustin is a very rare example of a seasoned meditation teacher who understands the spiritual necessity of the descent to soul and sacred darkness — as well as the ascent to the light and the One. He guides his students in both directions, down as well as up. I have had the pleasure of witnessing Jonathan teach — he is delightfully personable and humble and is exceptionally clear, thorough, penetrating, engaging, and inspiring. Don’t miss the opportunity.
— Bill Plotkin, author of Soulcraft, Wild Mind, and Nature and the Human Soul
Jonathan Gustin brings passion, subtle insight and disarming humor to his work as a presenter of the three-worlds model and as a skillful ‘midwife of the soul’.
— John Prendergast, author, In Touch
One of the first things I noticed about Jonathan was his pacing. He connects with a timing that feels organic and mutual. What a critical skill for harmoniously working with polarity of meditation and purpose work. I’m delighted to recommend him as wise counsel in this marriage of yin and yang.
— Christina Sophie, Spiritual Growth Coach & co-founder WE-practice Community
Jonathan’s teachings are coherent, clear, concise, and graceful. He is always striving to incorporate more truth, and to embrace and midwife the awakening of more and more of the whole person.
— Terry Patten, co-author with Ken Wilber, Integral Life Practice

When you invest in this program, you’ll get access to:



  • Twelve Live 90-minute Course Sessions with Jonathan (with time for Q&A)

  • All sessions will use the Zoom interface (like Skype, but you'll be able see and interact with everybody taking the course)

  • Twelve 30-minute Module Overview audios with Jonathan

  • Eight additional guided Soul-encounter Meditation audios with Jonathan

  • Twelve Written Practice Guides, one for each of the Modules

  • Twelve small group meetings with a highly trained mentor

  • Online Community Forum for Discussion and Connection

  • LIVE Bonus meeting with Adyashanti and Joanna Macy (2 hours each)

  • Note: This is a complete "stand alone" course. It is also Part I of the two part training for becoming a Purpose Guide. Part II is slated to meet for 12 Wed's, starting January 2020.



What you need to participate: The only equipment you’ll need is a computer, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection. You may also join course sessions and coaching sessions by phone.

What if I need to miss one or more sessions? All twelve of the Large Group Sessions are recorded and made available to view/listen online, through online playback or by downloading to your personal audio player.

When the course meets: Course begins Sept 4th 2019.

3 meetings in Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec (for a total of 12 meetings.)

Bonus Classes: Two classes where you can interact LIVE with Joanna Macy (Jan 8th) and Adyashanti (Jan 15th). Each teacher will present on the topic of purpose from their unique perspectives.  A lively Q&A will follow.  A rare opportunity to dialogue with two master's of the craft.


Join us for a profound journey exploring your calling 

4-Month Online Purpose Guiding Course Starts Wed Sept 4th


Regular tuition for this course is $2500 when Jonathan offers it to a mini cohort of 6 people. Take advantage of our special pricing and own the entire course for only $1400.


Additional $200 Discount if you Pay in Full within 48 hours after your 1:1 meeting with Jonathan.


If you have any questions about this program, please email us at jonathan@purposeguides.org