Is this you?


You feel:

  • A desire to discover and then embody your life-purpose.

  • A hunger to support others to live in congruity with their purpose.

  • A desire to have a fulfilling career that will catalyze human beings to evolve.


You are looking for:

  • An uncompromising training program taught by the leading experts in the field.

  • A community that is bright, well educated, emotionally mature, intellectually curious, and on fire with the possibilities of human potential.

  • A rewarding career that's spiritually oriented, where you set your own hours, are able to work remotely, and that leaves you feeling fulfilled about your work in the world.


Do you fit into one of these three categories?

  • You have a passion for bringing out the best in people. You have experience mentoring others through some kind of teaching like meditation, yoga, martial arts, music, or dance. Your current delivery vehicle for helping others grow feels like it needs to evolve, and you're looking for a new avenue that fulfills your passion for meaningful service.

  • You are a credentialed coach, counselor, psychotherapist, somatic healer, educator, healthcare practitioner or clergy person. You sense the benefit of having an additional credential in purpose guiding. You feel well matched with your career, but you are looking for a new skill set and a fresh challenge.

  • You are already a practicing purpose guide looking to upgrade your skills.


No matter which category you belong to, you sense that purpose guiding might be a good fit for:

  • Your life

  • The people you work with

  • The human community at large


Do you want to transform your career with the power of purpose?