Introduction to Purpose Discovery with Jonathan Gustin

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Why: To open a world of purpose discovery in your life!

Your career is humming along, while in the pit of your stomach lays a secret knot where dread prevails: "Is this as good it gets in terms of serving my community, leaving a mark, evolving society and leaving a viable planet for future generations?"

You don't want to work 40+ years and not experience the satisfaction of pouring yourself into a career that can dramatically change lives and evolve society. You desire a career path that is rewarding, spiritually fulfilling, and evolutionarily significant.

You want to honor your desire to serve life. You long to heed the voice within that encourages you to take up work of vital importance. You want to pay tribute to grand plans, living from passion and making a real difference.

Imagine a life where you are sharing your greatest gifts, being part of a generation of purpose-driven change agents, artists and leaders, and meaningfully moving humanity forward.

Imagine living your purpose every day and being richly rewarded for the privilege. Imagine being part of a world-wide peer group, working together to create a more purposeful, just, sustainable, and peaceful human presence on earth.

Join for the Live Webinar to delve into these topics, and more:

- The 3-Worlds Of Purpose

- The relationship between Soul and Purpose

- Soul encounter practices

- Obstacles to purpose discovery

- Purpose Octagon: 8 Facets of Purpose

- Time for Q&A with Jonathan Gustin

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Knowing your purpose brings a sense of intimacy with life. Knowing your purpose means finding your unique place within the meshwork of life. Only when we recognize who we are at a soul level, can we truly inhabit our place, our niche, and our deepest calling. Ex: the artisan who feels his workshop is his sacred chamber, or the teacher who feels the classroom to be her natural habitat.


Purpose is like a container that you pour your life into. Pour a cake mix into a Bundt pan, and you'll get a Bundt-shaped cake. Pour your life into your purpose, and you get a purpose-shaped life.  Pour a cake mix into a pan with no depth, and you get a formless mess. Pour your life into no particular thing, and you get an underdeveloped life. Purpose brings definition, depth, structure, shape, form, and a blueprint to your existence.


The playwright George Bernard Shaw wrote, "This is the true joy in life...being a force of Nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances." It's not just the shape of your life that is of benefit to others, it's also the dimension/scope of your life. Size matters when it comes to service! Make a Bundt cake for 1, and you'll enjoy your dessert. Make it for 8 people, and you've got a party. Make it for 500 people, and you've got a purpose to serve others.

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