At PGI, our mission is to offer one of the most comprehensive purpose discovery and guiding training anywhere. We do this through utilizing ALL cutting edge modalities available today.

Among the many systems you will be exposed to during your discovery journey is our very own Purpose Octagon Process.  The discovery process explores in-depth the Purpose Octagon™.  As a Purpose Guide™, you will be thoroughly prepared to expertly guide people to their life purpose using this powerful system.  The Octagon process has two parts: facets and process.


Your life purpose has eight facets: Vision, Values, Powers, Essence, Giveaway, Task, Message, and Delivery System.

Click here for definitions of the eight facets



The purpose octagon process is comprised of progressive lessons that allows you as a purpose guide to methodically lead individuals to finding and embodying their life purpose.

The purpose octagon is both: a way to describe your life purpose and a way to find your life purpose. In the Purpose Guide Training you'll be fully trained to use this unique proprietary process as well as several other systems for guiding your clients.  You can find an overview of the Octagon Process under the tab, "Discover Your Purpose."