I feel alive and willing to be an active participant in this outrageous unfolding of life. Thank you for your commitment to life, adulthood and evolution. I so appreciate your gifts and skills as you act as a midwife for your students soul-level purpose. This journey with you and the group has helped keep my light shining bright.
— Rani Goel, designer & artist
This course was definitely worth the time and money. Jonathan is a knowledgeable guide and is genuinely experienced in helping people find their true purpose. The experience in the group continues to inform my spiritual practice, and led me to friendships that I still have today. Furthermore, it helped me discover that I wanted to seek further training as a life coach. Jonathan takes what can be a very etherial subject and makes it concrete!
— John Gluck, project manager/coach
I’m so grateful I found Jonathan Gustin to mentor me. He was 100% dedicated to serving as a catalyst for my emotional, physical and spiritual growth. He inspired me, motivated me, pushed me and ultimately helped lead me to some profound shifts that have changed my life for the better. He created a unique space that allowed me to drop out of the rat race for a few hours and return to my inner stillness where I learned how powerful my intention can be when I commit wholeheartedly to a goal. It’s been an exciting discovery – and one I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Jonathan, for your service!
— Alex Doniach
Since working with Jonathan, I feel like I have a whole new lens with which to see the world and my own potential. The ability to change my life and create the world of my dreams no longer feels like a foggy notion, but reality. With his teachings, I’ve been able to recognize and break down the patterns that have prevented me from being my true self. My life has truly changed for the best working with Jonathan.
— Kim B. Mahoney
Jonathan’s Soul Quest and Purpose Guiding process was an absolutely essential and ground-breaking tool for me in finding my Life Purpose! I began by taking the Soul Quest course and followed up with continuing my practice by participating in his weekly Integral Awakening Group for a year, and then followed that with another Soul Quest. This process opened me up to the deeper layers of myself, allowing me access to my Soul’s wise voice and opened me to my intuition more fully on a day to day basis. I follow my nose and listen more to my heart than my head these days. Bottom line: It works! I have discovered and am continuing to discover deeper and deeper layers of this mystery, thanks to Jonathan’s wise guidance and thoughtful, brilliant courses.
— Clare Cleveland, Integral Health Facilitator, Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist
Jonathan is the man! Excellent, heartfelt and inspiring in every role he plays. His purpose discovery work is amazing and a gift I wish for every human. Our work together has been hugely catalytic in helping me integrate my spiritual, philosophical, romantic and work lives. He is indeed a “whole person midwife”. Please, give yourself the gift of working with him.
— Brandon Peele, Author, Planet On Purpose
Before working with Jonathan, I was unhappy as a lawyer and in my life. I was searching for something more meaningful and fulfilling. Jonathan helped me clarify what was really important to me and what I wanted to give to the world. With Jonathan’s support, I left my job as a lawyer and spent time wandering. I’m now happy to have started my own business doing life and career coaching. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated Jonathan’s wisdom and knowledge - and his deep caring for his students and the world.
— Heather Mills, Life and Career Coach, age 35
I began working with Jonathan at a time of great transition in my life and I credit the group work, and my individual sessions with Jonathan, for allowing me to sink into my new role as a mother in a more present, soulful, and meaningful way. All the parenting books in the world could not match this rich mind-body-soul experience that I received from Jonathan’s group. And, the biggest gift I received was the deeply felt knowledge that I was already living my purpose at this stage in my life. I am forever grateful.
— Chelsea Kubischta, age 38, stay at home mom