5 Advantages Of A PGI Education


What makes our training so powerful is the comprehensive framework PGI uses to help people discover their purpose and to develop exceptional purpose guides.  Below you'll find 5 key elements that provide the backbone of our program...many of them seldom found in other guiding programs.

What is missing in other programs is ample context and depth. What you'll receive at PGI is truly significant: a comprehensive framework that is launching the next evolution in purpose discover and guiding.       

Warning: you may be unfamiliar with some of the terms you are about to encounter.  That's o.k.  Read on and let whole new worlds open up for you.


1. Unparalleled Context

Through the Integral framework, (especially the 3-worlds map,) purpose discovery and guiding find a rich tradition to rely on for guidance.

2. Cosmic understanding  

Our guiding is informed by the evolutionary understanding that the purpose of evolution and the purpose of soul are identical: to midwife more goodness, truth and beauty.

3. Spiritual Foundation

Through Enlightened awareness, we come to know both guide and client as expressions of the same Undivided awareness.

4. Unsurpassed Methodology

Once trained as a Purpose Guide™, you'll be able to freely use our proprietary PGI Process for guiding your clients to discover their life-purpose.

5. Business Guidance  

The Purpose Guide Training™ Program culminates with world-class Entrepreneurial training.  This invaluable expert mentoring will help you deliver your purpose-based enterprise to the world.