2018-2019 Training Program

Starts Wed Sept 5th, 2018

Leading to Certification as a Purpose Guide™

Do you want an abundant and fulfilling career, that creates a better world? Do you sense that there is something more powerful that you should be offering? PGI offers a path to an abundant, fulfilling and powerful career as a Purpose Guide™, allowing you to fully claim your role as an agent of transformation and be well paid for the privilege.


Jonathan Gustin, Lead Teacher, and our world-class Guest Teachers:


PGI's Purpose Guides Training uses 12 proven approaches to uncover the life purpose of your clients, bringing you:

  • Greater interest in your business.
  • Increased results with your clients.
  • An authentic and inspiring role in human evolution.

The Purpose Guides Training delivers a credential from one of the most comprehensive purpose trainings available, delivered by a faculty comprised of the world's leading purpose guides, enabling you to create a new life by sharing your greatest gifts with a wide variety of clients and groups.

Now Accepting Applications for the 2018-2019 training starting Sept 5th, 2018


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Our training achieves two goals:

  1. Guiding you towards full soul-purpose embodiment.
  2. Preparing you to be a professional life-purpose guide.

What you’ll get: 

  • Training that produces highly skilled purpose guides through: modeling, practice, and assessment.
  • A deep sense of belonging to a cadre of change agents whose heartfelt wish is to midwife the evolution of individuals and society. 
  • The ability to deliver purpose guiding services to a wide variety of clients. 
  • With a class size limited to 20, you will receive personalized feedback regarding your guiding skills and your personal development. 
  • A professional credential from one of the nations most comprehensive purpose guide schools. 

How you’ll get it:

Through online video-Zoom meetings (like Skype but better)


Deliverables During Training:

  • Ninety-Three contact hours total over 10 months (Sept 2018 - June 2019)
  • 12 large group & 12 small group meetings for Semester #1 and #2,  
  • 6 large group meeting for semester #3
  • 9 2hr meetings with the world's leading experts in purpose.
  • 12 handouts/worksheets to use with your clients for each step of the PGI purpose process.
  • 12 different methods for finding your clients life purpose.


DELIVERABLES during Semester #1:

  • Twelve Live 90-minute Course Sessions with Jonathan (with time for Q&A)
  • Twelve 60-75 minute meetings with your small group led by a certified Purpose Guide
  • Twelve 30-minute Module Overview audios with Jonathan
  • Eight additional guided Soul-encounter Meditation audios with Jonathan
  • Twelve Written Practice Guides, one for each of the Modules
  • Online Community Forum for Discussion and Connection
  • Note: Semester #1 is a complete "stand alone" course.  It is also Part I of the two part training for becoming a Purpose Guide.  Part II is slated to meet for 12 Wed's, starting Jan 9th, ending in June. 


Deliverables After Training:

  • Certification as a Purpose Guide™ from the Purpose Guides Institute
  • Framable diploma to hang on your office wall.
  • Opportunity for listing as a Purpose Guide™ on the PGI website creating opportunities for client referrals.
  • Opportunity to take part in Level 2 Training.
  • A deeper understanding of your life-purpose.



Click here to find out how you can earn credit towards a master's or doctorate at Meridian University while training to be a Purpose Guide with PGI. 



$1000  for Semester #1

$2800  for Semester #2

$1000  for Semester #3


$3800 for the whole training  ($4800 with the optional semester #3 entrepreneurial training.)

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Interested in learning more or applying for the training? Schedule a conversation with us below.