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Returning from work feeling inspired,
safe, fulfilled and grateful is a natural
human right to which we are all entitled
and not a modern luxury that only a
few lucky ones are able to find.

Simon Sinek

Do you sense that there’s something more powerful you could be doing with your work? Are you ready to develop a specialization that sets you apart as a coach and makes you even more impactful with your clients?

We’re at a time on our planet where more people than ever are longing to make a difference. Many of your most successful clients are looking for a career path that, beyond being financially rewarding, is also spiritually fulfilling and evolutionarily significant.

Purpose Guiding: The art of guiding a client to identify and embody their life purpose

Guiding others to fulfill their purpose is a natural extension of your work as a life, career, relationship or executive coach. It’s a specialization that truly sets you apart from other coaches, and gives you the depth, framework and techniques to empower clients to connect with their calling.  

During this FREE Global Webinar, Purpose Guides Institute founder and lead teacher Jonathan Gustin will share from his decades of experience in awakening people to their deepest calling and teaching others how to become catalysts for purpose discovery.

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Do you want to:

  • Acquire a specialization that makes you stand out in the crowded field of generic coaches?

  • Deepen a unique skill set that empowers you to deliver purpose guiding services to a wide variety of clients?

  • Step into the leading edge of transformational coaching and build a business niche that powerfully distinguishes your offering?

  • Powerfully guide others in their soul-level purpose awakening?

  • Fully claim your role as a change agent… and be well paid for the privilege?

It’s never been more important for humanity to awaken from its default purposes and move in a direction that brings more truth, goodness and beauty to the world. 

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If you have a deep commitment to your client’s growth, to your own learning, and a desire to step into an authentic and inspiring role in human evolution, then join industry expert Jonathan Gustin for this FREE LIVE webinar to learn:

  • How to set yourself apart from other coaches with depth, a cosmology and techniques to guide clients in purpose awakening

  • The essential distinctions between career/life coaching and soul-level purpose guidance

  • What’s needed to guide your clients in their dance between survival and sacred calling

  • About the different “voices of resistance” the come up around our sacred calling, and the importance of recognizing and working with them skillfully

  • How you can step into an authentic and inspiring role in human evolution

Join Purpose Guides Institute for a FREE GLOBAL WEBINAR on August 7th to find out about how you can be on the leading edge of the coaching industry in a way that makes the work you do more fulfilling than ever before -- for both you and your clients!

: LIVE online video meeting (Zoom)
When: Wednesday August 7th, 11am - 12:15pm PST
Cost: FREE

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