Integral Perspective: The Three Worlds of Consciousness


At PGI we use many models and maps to help frame our work. One of the most important models we use is the 3-world map of consciousness.

Human = Where the three worlds meet

1. The Upperworld of Spirit

The Upperworld of Spirit is experienced as enlightened awareness.  The path of meditation supports enlightened awareness through the transcendence of the separate self sense.  If successful, we can experience the freedom associated with the enlightened sages.

  • Name: Upperworld

  • Home of: Spirit

  • Path: Meditation

  • Experience: Transcendence

  • State: Enlightened awareness


2. The Middleworld of our ego 

The middle world of our ego includes developing our capacity to give and receive love and to be open to well-being, joy and happiness.  The path of psychotherapy can aid us when we get stuck.  If successful, we can become integrated full-functioning emotional adults.

  • Name: Middleworld

  • Home of: Ego (Our everyday personality and sense of self.)

  • Path: Joy, happiness, and well-being practice. Also, psychotherapy.

  • Experience: Well-being, contentment, and peace.

  • State: Integrated, full-functioning emotional adulthood.


3. The Lowerworld of Soul 

The Lowerworld of Soul is experienced by embodying the essence of your specific life purpose, the very reason Spirit has taken shape as you. 
The path of purpose-work supports awareness through descent to soul, a burrowing into our depths where we discover our place, our gifts and our people.  If successful we can find the place where, “...our deepest gladness and the world's hunger meets.”   The underworld journey reveals your mythopoetic idenity.

  • Name: Lowerworld

  • Home of: Soul

  • Path: Soul-work (also known as purpose-work.)

  • Experience: Descendance or Incendance.

  • State: Soul-saturated, Sense of place, Purpose-driven.

In the section on “Enlightened Awareness” we’ll delve into the upperworld in depth.  Now, let’s go deeper into the Lowerworld dimension of consciousness, the home of soul and our life purpose.