Discover Your Purpose

A Short Film by PGI -

Bonus Treasury for Viewers Of The Film


These “bonuses” are meant to encourage, inspire and support you on your journey to discovering your own soul-level purpose.

  1. Jonathan Gustin’s chapter, “Discovering Your Purpose” from the anthology, Purpose Rising. HERE.

  2. Four Full Length Interviews

    1. Adyashanti

    2. Thomas Moore

    3. Anne Lamott

    4. Micheal Meade

  3. The full length clips of “advice to a child on his 18th birthday” from all 22 Teachers in the short film.

    • Thomas Moore, Rupert Spiral Joanna Macy, James Hollis, Adyashant, Meredith Little, Aftab Omar, Micheal Meade, Rod Stryker, Anne Lamott, Jean Houston, Patricia Albere, Bill Plotkin, Bill Kauth, Audrey Seymour, John Prendergast, Beth Scanzani, Tom Rick Hansen, Tim Kelly, Dustin Diperna, Stephen Jenkinson, Stephen McIntosh, Parker Palmer.

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Purpose-discovery is a community event. Join Jonathan Gustin and a global community for the FREE class, “Introduction to Purpose Discovery”

  • Date: Wed Aug 15th, 11am-12:15pm PST.

  • Where: Zoom video webinar.

  • Register: HERE (KB…Please link “HERE” to the Introduction to Purpose Discovery Page.)


Imagine a life of meaning, wonder, and soul-infused adventure. Imagine sharing your greatest gifts and being part of the generation of purpose-driven visionaries, change agents and leaders who are moving humanity forward. This is what it is to live your purpose.