An important upgrade PGI makes to ordinary purpose guide trainings is the addition of entrepreneurial support.


You make a profound and life-changing connection with your own Soul: discover your purpose.


You live that purpose into your daily life: you embody your purpose.


You bring the gifts of your purpose to the world: you deliver your purpose.

The first two steps, discovering and embodying are in the realm of soul work.  That means that the journey is a distinctly spiritual journey where you plumb the depths of your being to first find and then live your purpose.

The third and final step is unlike the the first two, because it requires practical business skills for turning your soul's purpose into a successful enterprise.

During the 2019-2020 Training you will go through all 3-steps in the process.  

Your training culminates with Entrepreneurial support.  This invaluable mentoring will help you deliver your purpose-based enterprise to the world.

The skill set for the first two steps is soul work.

The skill set for the last step is entrepreneurial.


Why start a purpose guiding practice:

  1. Opportunity to do your soul work.

  2. Autonomy to make your own decisions.

  3. Freedom to schedule your l life.

  4. Responsibility to society.

  5. Accomplishing your own goals.

  6. Control of your life/destiny.