The Path of Presence and the Path of Purpose are One!


Enlightened Awareness is the foundation of purpose guiding.  What is needed is an experiential understanding that we are not human beings on a spiritual journey but are spiritual beings on a human journey.

The practice of meditation helps us to de-locate our essential nature as being identical with thoughts, sensations and perceptions.  Meditation helps us know that we are the awareness in which these phenomena arise and out of which they are made.

Purpose guides support individuals to experience that it is not the "little me" (with its fears of not being enough) that inspires a person to discover their purpose.  True calling to live our purpose is instigated by the Mystery wanting to embrace a unique purpose through a unique body-mind. 

We can come to know that the Being of Spirit, and the Becoming of Soul are both expressions of Mystery.  At PGI, we teach the path of presence and the path of purpose as a seamless whole. 

At PGI, we don't only ask "Who am I?" but we also ask, "What am I to do?"