Discover Your Purpose.  Find Your Soul's Calling.
Live Your Mythopoetic Identity.

A 6 month online series. One interview released per week

Broadcast begins September 1, 2016

An exclusive weekly video series where we interview some of the world's foremost spiritual teachers, soul and purpose guides, as we ask: What is Soul?  What is my purpose? What is my mythopoetic identity? What is Soul calling me to embody? What Vision and Task was I created for?  What is the image or symbol at the core of my being?


What is Soul-encounter?

Soul-encounter is not psychotherapy, it won't help you heal old wounds, have better relationships, or make you a well-adjusted person. Soul-encounter isn't Enlightenment, it doesn't bring you the transcendent experience of unitive intimacy with the Mystery, Divine or God.  Soul-encounter is the experience of burrowing down into our spiritual uniqueness, beneath the level of personality and ego.  

Soul-encounter is that moment when you receive a glimpse of your greater purpose in the web of life. This encounter doesn't answer the question, "who am I?", it answers the question, "where do I belong?", and "what do I do with this one wild and precious life?"

What do you do when you've reached a plateau and you feel called to something beyond the next level of worldly success or personal growth?  What happens when the current version of the story of your life has run its course, but you still have so much life yet to live?

Your Host, Jonathan Gustin
Founder, Purpose Guides Institute

This series of interviews with leading experts in the field will help you take the next step on your path as you engage in soul-discovery.  With the guidance of teachers who have encountered their own soul-level purpose, you will explore, perhaps for the first time, the undiscovered continents of the mythic story at the center of your soul.

The inquiry, "what is my soul-level purpose?" isn't for you if you aren't ready to transform the story you've created about yourself. The inquiry, "what do I do?" is about discovering your deepest purpose so that you can experience a profound sense of kinship to Earth and Life itself.  The inquiry, "what am I made for?" is about finding your specific niche where your inborn soul-powers become available for the transformative work of evolving the world.  The inquiry, "what is my place?" is about evolutionary spirituality: becoming artisans of a cultural renaissance where humanity evolves beyond its current adolescent pathologies, to take its place in the unfolding Universe Story.

The series is free, but the journey is not.  The admission price is your relinquishment of your story of being a skin-encapsulated ego, which will bring you to the threshold of becoming a soul-infused, purpose-saturated, evolutionary force of nature.

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