Discover your purpose?

Purpose guides are devoted to uncovering your life purpose.  For more information about the process, please review the rest of this site.  All these Certified Purpose Guides have undergone PGI's rigorous training program.  For more information about the process click here.




Purpose Guide Trainer | Founder of PGI

People I serve: Aspiring midwives of cultural transformation, longing to burst through the shell of their cocoons to take flight.

Other certifications: M.A. Counseling Psychology, Licensed Psychotherapist

Founder: Purpose Guides Institute, Integral Awakening Center, and Green Sangha




Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: I help professionals become purpose-driven leaders and create legendary careers that change the world.

Other certifications: MBA - Leadership, Columbia Business School, Program Leader, Landmark, Author - Planet on Purpose (Hay House / Balboa Press, 2016), Co-author, Purpose Rising

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Brody hartman

Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve:  From business leaders to passionate seekers, I guide people back to their heart to reveal what brings them most alive in service of evolving humanity.

Other Certifications: Angeles Arrien Four-Fold Way, Co-founder Correm Center

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Holly Woods.jpg

Holly Woods, PhD

Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: I help creators, innovators and entrepreneurs align their vision, products and systems with what really matters so they can use their business as a vehicle to impact the world.

Other certifications: PhD in Human & Organizational Development, Integral Master Coach™, Professional Mediator and Facilitator, CoreIndividuation™ Energy Practitioner. 

Contact:   415-858-4308




Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve: Spiritual and creative people on a journey to fullness of expression, deep wisdom, wholeness and belonging.





Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: Wanderers, those who feel lost and who seek a guide and support on their journey,  those who are ready to tap into their innate wisdom and who are ready to connect with their true nature. 

Other certifications: M.A. Transpersonal Psychology, emphasis in Ecopsychology, Naropa University; RYT 200;  Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Himalayan Institute                                                           


tea tree, Renée copy.jpg

Renee Soule, PhD

Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve:  Purpose zips together the “divine” and manifest existence into dynamic emergent alignment. It’s a work in progress! I inspire and guide individuals, couples, and organizations devoted to this adventure.

Other certifications: MA Wilderness Psychology, SSU; PhD, Meridian University; Vision Quest Guide, School of Lost Borders, Timeless Wisdom Training, Academy of Inner Science; NVC Teacher, San Quentin Prison.



Robin Athey

Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: I guide “next generation” leaders who want to co-create a new era on our planet. I help you to get clear about your unique purpose. To embody it. And to bring it to life.

Other certifications: MA Columbia University, Ontological Coaching, Leadership Embodiment, NLP, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing, NARM, Core Transformation, Clean Language, Shadow Work, Immunity to Change, The Leadership Circle




Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve:  I work with individuals and groups across many walks of life—from the curious seeker, solo practitioner, business, community and organizational leader, to parents, artists/creatives and more.

Other Certifications: PhD in Imaginal Psychology, MA in Transpersonal Psychology, Angeles Arrien Four-Fold Way, Psychosynthesis, Postpartum International Support Training, Lactation Educator, Co-founder of Correm Center

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Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve: Those looking to live to their fullest potential, breaking through limiting beliefs and behaviours, integrating all parts of mind, body and soul.

Other Certifications: Universal Yoga 200 hours, VYASA Singapore 200 hours, Philosophy of Natural Nutrition Cert, Reiki Level 2.  

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Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: those on a transformational journey ready to live expansive lives of purpose, wholeness and meaning 

Other certifications: Certified Focusing Trainer


terry patten.jpg


Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: Those who are called to something deeper, who have looked, and not yet found it.

Other Certifications: M.A., Culture and Spirituality, "Singing Over the Bones" intensives with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés.




Certified Level 1 Guide

People I serve: are at one of life's thresholds -- seeking what's next and asking big questions -- and are ready to commit more fully to life to make a meaningful impact 

Other certifications: J.D., MBSR-T (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens), and ACE Guide (Certified Agent of Conscious Evolution) 

Contact: 708-955-7366 or |


Susan Mashkes

Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve: Men and women in transition, who feel called to a life of passion and service

Other Certifications: Post Graduate Diploma, Psychosynthesis Trust Member, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy OneSpirit Interfaith Seminary

Website:  [Not Yet Available - please use phone number instead]

Phone:  (US) 1-312-213-2955.  (UK) 44-7780-964-942



Zohara Rotem (Australia)

Certified Level 1 Guide | PGI Mentor

People I serve: People who are pulled to find the “Genius” within; the gift they were born with to give to the world; people who care for the future of the planet- parents, teachers, educators and others.

Other Certifications: B Mus, Dip Ed, Teacher Trainer in Talent Education, Music Therapy, Holistic Counseling, Process-Oriented Psychology: Facilitation & Leadership, Shamanic Studies, Village Music Circles Facilitator.

fb rotem.zohara OR zohara.souloist